All Saints Catholic Church

Client: WKWW Architects

This project included a building and parking lot expansion for the existing church located in Lake Wylie, South Carolina.  The existing parking lot was expanded to 221 spaces.  The existing stormwater pond had to be updated to satisfy current stormwater regulations.  Coordination with “Pennies for Progress” was necessary due to planned roadway improvements adjacent to the site.

Parkwood Baptist Parking Lot Expansion

Parkwood Aerial

Client: Parkwood Baptist Church

The project, located in Gastonia, NC, consisted of the expansion of an existing parking lot resulting in a gain of 84 additional spaces. The new parking lot included curb and gutter and a new storm drainage system. The project also included the necessary erosion control measures and landscaping required by local authorities. In addition, a 1″ water service and 4″ sanitary sewer service were replaced to an existing building.

Woodland United Methodist Church

Client: WKWW Architects

This project included a small expansion of the church sanctuary as well as the addition of a new parking lot to enhance access to the sanctuary and a possible future building. An underground stormwater detention system and stormwater quality structure was also part of the design to meet the requirements of the City of Rock Hill. Stormwater improvements were also required offsite to carry stormwater to the nearest existing storm system. The project required constant communication between engineer, architect, property owner and city staff to assure all parties were satisfied with the design.

Catawba Valley Baptist Church

Catawba Valley Baptist Aerial

Client: WKWW Architects

Robinson & Sawyer provided site design for this 8,500 SF fellowship center facility which included new water and sewer services and a parking addition of 12 spaces as well as a new driveway entrance. The hilly topography of Morganton, NC and space constraints of the building site required creative solutions to satisfy erosion control requirements and to provide a sufficiently sized building pad.

Mt. Vernon Baptist AerialMt. Vernon Baptist Church

Client: WKWW Architects

Robinson & Sawyer, Inc. provided design plans for a new 10,000 SF sanctuary on the existing site of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in the northern part of Iredell County. Space constraints required careful design to ensure proper runoff of stormwater and acquiring the desired amount of parking spaces.

1st Baptist Church of Mooresville, NC

Client: WKWW Architects

Robinson & Sawyer, Inc. provided site plans for the rehabilitation of an existing parking lot and the addition of an entrance canopy and drop-off area.

Union Rd. Church of God AerialUnion Rd. Church of God Family Life Center

Client: Union Rd. Church of God

Robinson & Sawyer, Inc. provided plans for site improvements associated with the addition of a family life center. The improvements consisted of a new 270 space parking lot and associated storm drainage.